Since 2017, when TU Delft celebrated its 175th anniversary, the university has been raising the profile of its academic heritage by systematically curating its collections, initiating research projects and organising on-campus presentations in collaboration with students and academic staff.

This website provides access to the different facets of the academic heritage team of TU Delft Library: digital editions of exhibitions, (digitised) items from the special collections and research output.

The academic heritage team consists of:

For more information, please contact TU Delft Library.


Built according to the specifications of the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF), the website aims to promote creative reuse of the digital collections. For example, a Manifest Editor developed to curate digital exhibitions will become publicly available. More information about the project and its use of IIIF can be found in this Medium article by Digirati's Technology Director Tom Crane: Reaching into collections to tell stories and in Jules Schoonman's presentation at the IIIF Community Call on 11 March 2020.



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